A Brand Persona


My name is Roman Vlasov. Welcome to my virtual design studio. I'm an award-winning graphic designer and art director. I offer 10 years of experience in visual communications, branding, packaging, 3D visualization, and web design. During my career, I have worked at creative agencies and design studios in Moscow and New York, practicing a diversity of design approaches and methodologies from around the world along with the broad communication skills needed to engage with international teams.

My academic background is multi-disciplinary, blending both physics and design. At a first glance, being a physicist doesn’t have anything to do with design, but upon closer consideration, it is precisely my scientific training that helps me create unique paths through design research, allowing me to examine new technologies and trends, thereby developing a broad arsenal of tools. It is the intersection of science and design, combined with my professional experience, as well as a natural curiosity and independence that allow me to confidently embark on highly complex projects with minimum supervision.

To this end, I have had periods of working autonomously as a one-man-design-studio, independent freelancer, where my focus has been creating new brands and identity solutions, as well as providing brand support such as advertising, collateral materials, websites, corporate editorials, and packaging.

I consider helping businesses achieve growth as the most important part of my service, and as such, I have established an efficient creative process based on research and strategy coupled with close consultation with clients to gain the necessary insights and crystallize them into creative briefs. The result is consistent and enduring design solutions as well as long lasting business partnerships. I think that working as a freelancer teaches any creative to clearly estimate and value business goals and to be personally responsible. Bringing this understanding to the creative agency can benefit both the creative team and the client.

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